Magic has truly come back in to the limelight in recent years and we have “artists” like Criss Angel to thank for it. This illusionist has taken magic to the next level to create a performance second to none in the industry. His Mindfreak show has created a cult like following and has launched Criss Angel to the top of the magic world.

Before he was Criss Angel, he was known as Christopher Sarantakos. Born in New York, getting into show business was not a stretch for this attention grabbing youth. At the young age of six, his aunt took out a deck of cards and showed Christopher his very first trick and he was hooked. Over the years, his passion for magic continued to grow and college became an afterthought as he had decided he wanted to be a professional magician.

As Christopher made his transition to Criss Angel, he would garner worldwide acclaim for Criss Angel Mindfreak, an A&E Network show. The is performed in Las Vegas and shows such illusions as Criss walking on water, levitating, and floating between buildings. Some of his more radical stunts, such as cutting himself in half in front of the audience, still have viewers baffled.

When Criss became more successful, he was given his own show at the Luxor in Las Vegas called Believe. This was a joint effort with Cirque du Soleil and quickly became one of the “must see” shows on the strip. Angel would later do considerable damage to his reputation as a performer when he made several disparaging comments to Perez Hilton one evening while in attendance at the show. While Cirque du Soleil tried to rectify the situation with an apology, Hilton had already let his fingers do the walking, harshly criticizing the show.

One of his most famous events had nothing to do with his magic, but in proving someone else a fraud. Angel revealed to Larry King during an interview that he did not believe an all things supernatural. Serving as a judge on Phenomenon, Angel challenged both his co-judge Uri Geller, a self-proclaimed psychic, and Jim Callahan, a paranormalist, by asking Callahan to reveal the contents of two envelopes he was holding in his pocket after his “judged” performance. Angel and Callahan literally had to be separated an Angel was calling him out on national television. 1818 angel number

Angel would not let his altercation rest and he again challenged Geller to reveal the contents of a sealed envelope. As Geller ranted, Angel cut him off and said, “I guess this is a no.” He proceeded to open the envelope and reveal a card with three numbers printed on it, 911. When asked to explain the content, Angel merely stated that thousands of lives could have been saved if someone would have predicted the events the day before that fateful September 11.

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